Friday, September 30, 2016

Management Reviews

To bring coherence in organisational functioning as also to determine operational performance, the top management of the company reviews the system performance regularly discussing all relevant issues so as to achieve performance improvement. A system of internal communication has also been established.

Company treats QMS as an integral part of its overall management and achieve its overall corporate goals. As company is a customer-focused organization QMS emphasis on achieving continued customer satisfaction becomes a vital corporate tool to enhance business prospects of the company. This has helped the company to grow from strength to strength in meeting the expectations of its very high profile global customers. 

This monitoring takes place in a multiple ways. The top management keeps in very regular touch and has interaction with senior functionaries of the clients who then share their views about companies performance. These views form the basis for further improvement. Other means to judge are customer feedbacks and audits where finer details  and the views of its clients are known.

All these facts makes MRM a very essential tool in industry. 

Below are some requirements and benefits of MRM

  1. The integrated management system performance shall be reviewed on a regular basis by the top management with a view to bring about system improvement and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  2. The management review committee undertakes the reviews. It is normally chaired by the COO/Director TQM and besides him consists of  unit heads and all the corporate HODs.
  3. MRM shall be held atleast once a year.It is always beffer to have frequent MRM.
  4. MRM may be supplimented with production review meetings(PRM) and Quality review meetings (QRM).

Review Criteria

A typical agenda may include the following

  1. Review of previous meeting Decision.
  2. Major Quality and food safety problems
  3. Audit finding result.
  4. Customer feedback and complaint if any
  5. Corrective and preventive action if any
  6. Any change in food safety risks
  7. Any changes brought about in the company that may have a bearing on the integrated management system functioning.
  8. Relevance and achievements of the quality policy and the objectives.
  9. Process performance.
  10. Recommendation for improvements.

Review Outputs 

The output from management review shall include decision and actions related to the following:

  1. Improvement of effectiveness of the IMS and its processes.
  2. Improvement of product related to customer's requirement.
  3. Resources needed.
  4. Review of company's & Environment policy and objectives. 
In order to comply with the section 4.1 of ISO 9001:2015, The external and internal issues relevant to its purpose are identified by interaction amongst senior functionaries of the company. While identifying these due consideration is given to short term and long term impact of the QMS on company’s future direction. All this is done within the framework of overall directions and business plan of the company as enunciated by the MD during formal and informal discussions. This is now being introduced as an agenda item in our MRM.