Friday, July 29, 2016

Gowning Procedure

1.0              OBJECTIVE

1.1              To outline the procedure for personal cleanliness for entry into high risk zones.

2.0              PROCEDURE

3.1              Enter into the change room.

3.2        Remove he accessories like mobile phones, wrist watches, rings, wrist bands, ornaments or jewellery.

3.3            Before entering, personnel shall either cover their street shoes with disposable covers or wear footwear that are earmarked for this purpose.

3.4              Move to the other side of the crossover bench.

3.5              Wash hands thoroughly.

3.6              Wear head gear to cover head.

3.7              Wear the mask and cover the beard.

3.8             Wear the gown. 

3.9              Take one or two drop of hand sanitizer on palm and rub it to evaporate it.

3.10          Enter the high risk zone.

3.11     Person shall remove their gowns and keep them in the change room before going outside the area.

3.12       Remove all the gowns whenever going out of the high risk zone even for a short period.

3.13          Follow entire procedure all over again whenever you re-enter the high risk zone.

3.14          Use neck chain for the spectacles or safety eye glasses.  

3.15          All the gowns shall be collected in basket and sent to the laundry at the end of the day.

4.0              ABBREVIATIONS

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