Monday, August 8, 2016

Procedure on Good Recording Practices

To lay down a procedure for Good Recording Practices.

Personnel - All departments.
Heads – All Departments

  • Personnel shall make on line entries in the documents.
  • The entries made by the operating personnel shall be checked and signed by the    supervising       personnel.
  • No entry shall be over written.
  • If anything is wrong do not over write it.
  • Strike it with a single line and sign near the entry with date and put the correct entry.
  • While making corrections, it shall be ensured that the previous entry is still legible.
  • Initials are acceptable unless the documents specially require a signature.
  • There shall not be any blanks in the formats/documents.
  • All the supporting documents which are generated during external agencies validation, calibration activity etc shall be checked/verified by the concerned department personnel/QA department
  • All the related documents like weight slips, annexure, appendix, labels shall be traceable to the main document.
  • All the relevant documents shall be handed over after completion of the activity to Quality Assurance department.
  • The following should be avoided:
    • Overwriting of numerical number.
    • Whitening / artificial correction of errors/mistakes.
    • Wrong calculations.
    • Using White tape or white Ink
    • Wrong entry of time, temperature, vacuum, pressure or numerical numbers.
    • Formulae, symbols that are typed with errors.
  • All record shall be made as soon as observation is made.
  • The practices of making rough entries to be faired subsequently shall be avoided.
  • If a person is not familiar with English language, its recording in Indian language is allowed.
  • If a wrong entry is made, it shall be strike off with signature.
  • Record shall be made by the person responsible for an activity.
  • Person filling the record shall be very clearly identified with the Record.
 ANNEXURE - Nil