Saturday, August 13, 2016

SOP on cleaning on hose pipe

Below is the standard operating procedure to clean the Hose pipes. In some manufacturing companies hose pipe is also known as flexible pipe.

1. Objective

To ensure efficient cleaning of the hose pipes.

2. Responsibility

Primary Responsibility :Production operator
Secondary Responsibility ; Production Supervisor

3. Procedure

a) Cleaning of the hose pipes are carried out before and after every batch.

b) Fix two pipes on a pump, pipe to be cleaned at pump’s outlet and cleaned pipe at pump’s inlet.

c) Pass the potable water and clean the pipe from inside nd with nylon brush from outside.

e) Rotate the pipe around the angle so that any potable water drain out from inside

f) Hang both the ends of pipe down joint together with a nipple.

g) The cleaned pipe shall be kept in the pipe bag and label it as cleaned.

g) After such cleaning the pipes may be used for batch.

h) Update and sign flexible pipe clean and check log xxxxx.

i)  Discard any leak pipes or deformed pipes immediately and get new pipe issued from the store.

4. Abbreviations

a) NIL

5. Annexures

a) PD019-F01     Cleaning of flexible pipe

6. Reference  



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Author : Anshu Yadav